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Can My Neighbor Force Me To Cut Down Or Trim My Trees


I am often asked if I would like to remove several branches from my neighbor’s trees that invade my property. My neighbor has a hedge that causes structural damage to our property and I have to pay for a tree surgeon. I can cut off the overhanging branches, but the question many people wanted to know is whether I can force my neighbors to cut down their trees or cut them down for me. I eat fruit from their own fruit trees and from branches hanging on the property, and they do not eat my fruit. Sources: 12, 19, 21, 23

Forget for a second what’s on my neighbors’ trees, I can cut my trees without the permission of the council. Sources: 25

If the problem is an overhanging branch, the law allows me to cut it down, but the law is not absolute. When the tree trunk is on a neighbor’s property, I cannot act as if I were felling branches or limbs that extend beyond the boundary of the property. On my own land I have no right to prune the branches or even to cut down the roots of my trees. The owner of the property has no right to branches that extend beyond the boundaries of the property and all cut off branches must be returned to the neighbor. Sources: 0, 2, 11, 24

If the neighbor feels the tree is dangerous or obstructs his view, he goes to the District Court to see if it is appropriate and appropriate to remove or cut it. So be careful and careful when you decide to prune a tree or cut down the roots, because if a court finds that you have negligently damaged your neighbor’s tree, you can be held liable for any damage. Sources: 22, 26

If you decide to cut down the overhanging branches of your neighbor, it is best to seek advice from a qualified arborist. If the pruning is extensive, the neighbor may want to use a tree service and assume the costs. They can bring a lawsuit and demand several things, including that he cut down the branch, give him permission to cut it down, and that he be awarded the cost of pruning the tree. Sources: 14, 17, 20

Perhaps the gardener can prune the tree a little more frequently and trim the trees so that they do not invade your property. Sources: 5

If your neighbor’s trees grow too close to public power lines, don’t try to prune the branches. You should even cut back overhanging branches on the side of your neighbor’s fence, but not go to his property to cut down branches or cut them over your fence or boundary. I recommend not trying to prune the branches, although you could do this if you have a large tree with branches that are too close to a power line or a fence line. My neighbor has cut back branches that have survived his garden, only to remove a piece of his side boundary. Sources: 7, 12, 16

If a tree trunk enters your property, you have the right to prune it if its branches, which shed leaves, hang in your garden. If your tree on a neighbor’s property is damaged, you should not be considered responsible for failing to look after the tree, which in turn has contributed to its demise. Even if you have the right to prune your trees, this could cause irreparable damage to the trees. Sources: 6, 18, 19

If you want to prune, chop or cut down your neighbor’s trees without his permission, it is advisable to consult a solicitor before doing so. Felling trees with his knowledge or consent only leads to a neighborly dispute that can take you to court. Sources: 10, 20

Firstly, you should talk clearly to your neighbor about the tree and the problems it is causing and suggest that he trim his trees. If you have concerns about pruning overhanging branches or invasive roots, it would be better to talk to him, explain to him that the trees have become a nuisance, and then instruct a specialist to prune them. Sources: 9, 18

You may enter your neighbor’s property to prune or remove trees and other plants without first obtaining his or her consent. However, you should not enter your property without permission and cut down some of the trees on your property. Sources: 4, 15

If your neighbor is entitled to prune a part of a tree that reaches into his own garden, he may not go to the neighboring property where the tree is without your permission and prune or cut down the root. In most states, the damaged neighbor has no claim against the owner of the trees and can only make an oral agreement with you to cut down or prune trees on his property, even if you cut down the roots. Sources: 1, 19

Those who like their trees and intend to prune them on their own property should, according to Clinton, ask permission to prune a tree in their neighbor’s garden. If your neighbors have the right to prune branches that extend into their property, even if they are spreading beyond the boundary of the property, they have no right to come onto your property unless you give them permission to do so. You can’t behave in a way that cuts off branches from neighboring trees, especially if the branches hang on the property without your express permission, Clinton said. 

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